Housing Bubble: A market condition created through excessive home buying, and an unfounded run-up in prices occurs. Homes become too overpriced for new buyers and eventually the bubble pops and housing prices fall.

Definition of Real Estate Bubble, From Wikipedia

Definition of United States housing bubble, From Wikipedia

History of U.S. Real Estate Bubble, From New York Times

Quotes about Housing Mania:
  • Never underestimate the stupidity of the general population.

  • People prey on mathematically challenged people.

  • The smart money makes the money that the dumb money lose.

  • A bubble wouldn't exist if there weren't plenty of persuasive theories to justify the high prices.

  • It absolutlely stuns me how so many otherwise inteligent people can be so stupid about real estate.

  • The general public is always on the wrong side of the market at important turning points.

  • The real estate bubble had to end with a bang, otherwise everyone would be able to get out with their profits - which is literally impossible.

  • Once again large segments of the population have come to believe that they have found the way to unending wealth by doing little or no real work.

  • "I can calculate the motions of heavily bodies, but not the madness of people" -- Issac Newton

  • 90% of our population does no thinking of their own, they believe what they hear either from friends and family or the media.

  • What the wise do early, the foolish do late.

  • "Many in California have reached the dream of living in a million-dollar home without moving." -- Appleton-Young.

  • Capitalism by nature redistributes money upward not downward. It does not allow the masses to win.

  • The psychology of the masses determines tops and bottoms of the market.

  • Anything that generates a commission is a good investment strategy.

  • The market does not care if you are making a profit or not. That is your own problem.

  • Equity is an opinion but debt is real.

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